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Off to the races!

imageIt’s finally here!  I’m getting ready to head off to the Brompton US Championship bike race.  The race takes place at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia as part of the Philly Phlyer cycling day.  The grand prize is a trip to the Brompton World Championship in England.


The event requires that all participants ride a Brompton folding bicycle and british racing attire- a blazer, collared shirt and tie. Sports gear is strictly not permitted!


In preparation for the race, I’ve logged more than 1,000 miles on my Brompton M6L.  For a little speed boost, I’ve installed a new crank that gives me 8% higher gearing on my tiny wonder. 


I’ve mapped the route on Google Earth and inspected the course.  It doesn’t look all that different from a loop around New York City’s Central Park.

Download Google Earth KML File

With a little last minute advice from my friend Steven Huang, I’m taking Megabus and stowing my bike in the cargo bin under the bus.  It turns out that the Brompton and its nylon cover fits perfectly in $4 Dimpa bag by Ikea.  I removed the hinge clamps, added some extra padding in key areas and I’m good to go. Thanks, Steve!


Wish me luck!  More images coming soon from the actual event!

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Cyclometer settings for the Brompton Schwalbe Marathon Tires

The proper wheel size setting for the Brompton’s Schwalbe Marathon 37-349 16 x 1 3/8 tires is 1321mm. 


Let’s hope the Kevlar belt and sidewalls keep me free of city punctures.



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