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Rumbling in the foundation gets louder (updated)

The constant rumbling of artist and tech company complaints about “the music industry” is getting turned up this month.  Here’s what I’m hearing:

- Amazon’s launch of the high-bitrate, non-DRM’d, MP3 music store is what we’ve all been waiting for.

- Apple locks down iPhone ringtones even tighter with digitally signed audio files.

- Radiohead’s self-published, online release of “In Rainbows.”

- Yahoo’s head music honcho, Ian Rogers (formerly of Nullsoft, WinAMP and Gnutella fame) states that Yahoo! will never go back to using DRM.

- And finally frequent industry malcontent, Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails), made a statement about being freed of their recording contract after 18 years.

What next, the month’s only just begun?

Update (dfbills 10.11.07 @ 8:48AM ET)

One day later, I’m starting to see what’s next:

- Madonna signs a $120M deal with Live Nation to sell her next three studio albums, promote concerts, and license Madonna’s name.

- Oasis will release their next album directly to fans via the “pay as you wish” system used by Radiohead.

- Jamiroquai to follow suit after seeing Radiohead on the digital download charts.

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Predicting the future

Apparently this is the complete list of the songs to be given away by Starbucks in conjunction with their Apple / iPhone deal.  I sure hope that I don’t re-read this in November and compare my final collection…  wink

10/02 Bob Dylan - Jokerman
10/03 TK Tunstall - One Day
10/04 Joni Mitchell - Night of the Iguana
10/05 Keith Urban - I Told You So
10/06 Emily King - Moon
10/07 Mavis Staples, We Shall Not Be Moved
10/08 Ceu, Roda (Bomba Dub Orchestra Grateful Dub Radio Mix)
10/09 Band of Horses, No One’s Gonna Love You
10/10 Gloria Estefan, 90 Millas
10/11 Fine Frenzy, You Picked Me
10/12 John Legend, Show Me
10/13 John Fogerty, Gunslinger
10/14 Patti Scialfa, Looking for Elvis
10/15 Herbie Hancock, Maiden Voyage
10/16 Angie Stone, Happy Being Me
10/17 Annie Lennox, Dark Road
10/18 Brandi Carlile, Turpentine
10/19 Alice Smith, New Religion
10/20 Rogue Wave, Lake Michigan
10/21 Alice Russell, Hurry On Now (Featuring TM Juke)
10/22 Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Grace is Gone
10/23 Sonya Kitchell, I’m In Love With You
10/24 bitter:sweet, Heaven (Nicola Conte Remix)
10/25 Greyboy w/ Sharon Jones, Got To Be A Love
10/26 Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Sacala Bailar
10/27 Rissi Palmer, Country Girl
10/28 Raul Midon, Pick Somebody Up
10/29 Joss Stone, Tell Me ‘Bout It (Live from the Bowery Ballroom)
10/30 Federico Aubele, Maria Jose
10/31 Sara Bareilles, Love Song
11/01 Hilary McRae, Consider Me Gone
11/02 John Mayer, Dreaming With A Broken Heart
11/03 Galactic, I Got It (What You Need)
11/04 Bebel Gilberto, Um Segundo
11/05 Suzanne Vega, Frank & Ava
11/06 Sia, Day Too Soon
11/07 Paul McCartney, Only Mama Knows

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